What is salmonella food poisoning?

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What is salmonella food poisoning?

Salmonella is a bacterium which causes salmonella food poisoning; these are present in the intestines of animals and humans. It is carried forward and infects food items when in contact and further transfers to human beings causing the Food poisoning symptoms .

Each year around 19,000 cases are reported of hospitalization due to salmonella in United States. As children are least careful about the hygiene standards it is mostly noticed in people less than 20 years of age. Another interesting thing one should know about Salmonella bacterium is that it grows in a warm environment.

What causes salmonella food poisoning?

As we all know, food poisoning is caused through consuming contaminated food items and the case is similar with Salmonella food poisoning, we consume food items or beverages which have been in contact with human or animal feces. The contamination can take place at any point of the process hence not only is it important to make sure the preparation process is hygienic but also the harvesting and cultivation process.

Salmonella is commonly spread when people do not wash their hands or wash them incorrectly after using the toilet or after handling pets and then become part of the food handling or preparation process.

Some of the common food items that cause food poisoning are undercooked eggs, unpasteurized juice and milk, raw fruits and vegetables and undercooked turkey, chicken and other similar poultry items.

One should keep precautionary methods in mind when they are exposed to the following:

Someone in the family who already has salmonella food poisoning. Living in a public place like nursing homes and dorms where various people are involved in the food preparation process. While travelling to developing countered one should always be cautious of the hygiene and sanitation standards. This also becomes a problem for those who generally have a weak immune system; they quickly get infected with Salmonella.

Basic Salmonella food poisoning symptoms

As any other form of food poisoning the symptoms start to immediately appear and do not go unnoticed. On an average they start to appear within 8-72 hours and they can last for around 48 hours.

One must be aware of the typical symptoms which are

Diarrhea, abdominal pains, chills, bloody stools, vomiting, muscle pain. nausea, fever and the most common and dangerous dehydration. Food poisoning cases usually get severe because of dehydration as our body is already losing fluids and when they are not being replaced, our organs start to become weak and eventually lead to organ failure. One should keep an eye out for children and infants as they can become infected by salmonella and they can become severely dehydrated in just a matter of a day.

Diagnosis of Salmonella Food Poisoning

One can opt for self-examination and check for abdominal tenderness or a rash which has pink dots. This along with high fever can become a very serious form of salmonella infection which is called typhoid fever. If the symptoms start to worsen, one must consult a doctor immediately.

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