The Real Reasons Why Investing in a High Quality Dermatoscope Makes Sense

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The Real Reasons Why Investing in a High Quality Dermatoscope Makes Sense

Medical practitioners use dermatoscopes to view the surface of the skin with great precision. These medical observation instruments eliminate reflections and other results of optical phenomena (refraction, diffraction), thus revealing more details, otherwise invisible to the eye. The better the instrument, the more accurate the diagnosis will be. Therefore, it matters to know how some dermatoscopes are better than others and why the more expensive range is worth the investment. The features enumerated below will also teach one what to look for in a good, reliable dermatoscope:

Solid, durable construction

Dermatoscopes worth their prices are made of rigid materials; all joined together for usage convenience, comfort and reliability. Metal is the main material employed here but not the only one. Also, while there are many new and intriguing instrument shapes, the classic ones are still considered more efficient.

Complete tool

No need to search for compatible components and make extra expenses when you already have a complete tool from the start. For example, the much praised Heine Mini 3000 includes a contact plate, batteries and battery handle, dermatoscopy oil and a secure special zipper case for storage and transport.

Realistic colour rendering

Cheap models tend to alter the colouring and that certainly does not serve the diagnosis process. With a superior piece, however, you can see all colours just as they are. Blue, red etc. will not suffer any modification and allow you to see the real situation, which is crucial to a correct diagnosis. Good quality instruments will also show purples very well and make a clear distinction between white and yellow. The colour rendering value can stand at more than 95. Plus, the brightness is greater. The bulb is able to illuminate the surface homogeneously, also thanks to the aperture.

Proper illumination

The light intensity is higher, so that its user is now allowed to view every detail and abnormality on what is being examined. This isn’t about LED power, but about the combination between this and the optical system inside the tool. Their calibration eventually determined how efficient the instrument’s lighting is.

Easy maintenance

Contrary to what many believe, a more expensive type does not ensure more maintenance work. There are dermatoscopes that are actually maintenance-free. The bulb last for many years – up to 7 in some cases, or over 1,000 hours of use.

Battery life

As expected, batteries in leading models last longer. You can enjoy an operation time as long as 10 hours before you need to change the batteries. Besides that, the tool notifies you when the battery is fading; thus, you get precious visual indications concerning the remaining power.

Reduced heat

When the bulb is in use, it accumulates heat. It happens often with cheap models, but not with the better types. The latter make use of more efficient materials that disperse the heat, driving it away from the light bulb. Also, the proportions inside the instrument are carefully considered for this purpose.

A well-performing dermatoscope is crucial to life-saving examinations. In the event of skin cancer, a good instrument allows the physician to see the malignant nature of the skin formation early on, at a stage when practitioners normally couldn’t make the difference between a harmless nevus and a cancerous lesion. Thus, the quality of such instruments is a topic that must not be ignored.


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