The Perfect Smoking Alternative: The New Age of Vaping

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The Perfect Smoking Alternative: The New Age of Vaping

Let’s face it; everybody has a vice. From gambling and drinking to gorging on ice cream and showcasing vanity, we all have something in our lives that we turn to for release. However, some vices are way more destructive than others.

Imagine the thought of a silent assassin resting in handbags, rucksacks, and glove boxes all over the world. Then consider the fact that this particular vice accounts for more deaths per year than HIV, drug overdoses, car crashes, and firearm incidents combined. Add that to the prospect of developing lung cancer, Barrett’s oesophagus, or COPD and you’re left with something a bit more dangerous than a coffee addiction or an ice cream obsession.

This article will detail a cigarette alternative that is quickly growing in popularity across the entire globe and how it can help you quit smoking once and for all.

How Do E-Cigs Work?

Having been invented by Hon Lik in 2003, the modern e-cigarette is a battery-operated device that uses an atomiser to transform liquid nicotine into a misty vapour. The three primary components of an e-cig are quite simple: a rechargeable lithium battery, a vapourisation chamber, and a cartridge. The vapourisation chamber and cartridge house the e-liquid while the internal atomiser works to provide energy to the heating coil. Upon pressing the activation button, the user can inhale the resulting vapour to obtain a sensation likened to that of smoking cigarettes. However, without any ash, fire, smoky smell, carbon monoxide, or tar, vaping has staked its claim as a healthier alternative to the all-too-common cigarette vice.

Quitting Cigarettes for Good

Of course, the vice of smoking tobacco is largely derived from a nicotine addiction but there are other factors in play as well. Many cigarette addicts are driven by the “smoking routine,” as it were. The repetitive habit of sparking a cigarette, bringing two fingers to your mouth, and puffing the smoke has turned into a second-nature routine for many people. This is the main reason why nicotine patches and medicines aren’t an effective means of quitting as they don’t address the oral fixation that comes hand-in-hand with smoking cigarettes. Modern e-cigs, on the other hand, mimic every single part of a cigarette habit without including the over 4,000 dangerous chemicals that are found in mass-produced tobacco.

The assortment of available e-liquid flavours is striking as well. From pineapple and strawberry shortcake to classic tobacco and menthol variants, there is truly something for everyone in the e-liquid marketplace. The primary carrier compounds propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine are tasteless, which enhances the flavour profile of each liquid. These two fluids are used to dilute the nicotine content to a desirable level and they vaporise at relatively low temperatures, which helps prolong the life of each internal e-cig component.

A wise man once said “We inhale the very thing that kills us, just so we can feel more alive.” The most reputable e-cig suppliers understand this concept, which is why they’ve been working hard for a decade-plus to provide an affordable alternative to this deadly vice. After reading this article and gaining more knowledge about the exciting world of e-cigs, it’s time to make a succinct change in your life. It’s time to quit smoking cigarettes for good!

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