The Need for a Juicer and How to Make the Best Choice

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The Need for a Juicer and How to Make the Best Choice

Most of us tend to have second opinions about juicers and with the introduction of new sorts of juicers, we cannot help being cynical since we prefer our old-school ways of juicing. On top of that, new-age juicers recently come with two gears and most of the confusion among users usually revolves around factors such as brand, design and the pricing of different sorts of juicers. As a matter of fact, this is a confusion that occurs mostly among those who are using or are about to use a juicer probably for the first time. We tend to be clueless as to how to operate the machine and we are too hesitant to go through a manual book. But for those of us who have used twin-gear juicers, we know how simple it is to operate these machines as their configurations are pretty easy to comprehend.

Experienced users always recommend triturating juicers due to their convenience, level-headed prices and easy application. People need to understand how a triturating juicer works and the factors that would convince them to shell out money on the product without second thoughts. A reliable review of the Omega Twin Gear Juicer might end this confusion and open people’s thoughts about using juicers.

Features and specifications of Omega Twin Gear Juicer

Omega has been known to be a highly trusted brand when it comes to masticating juicers. This particular juicer comes equipped with two gears and has a powerful motor, which is ideal for crushing every last drop of pulp out of any produce we put in it.

  • Whether we are talking about soft fruits or citrus fruits and leafy vegetables, this model has been known for its simple design, but high output.
  • This juicer operates at 160 RPM, which takes away most of the oxidation, hence preserving the nutrients from the produce. On top of that, the juice extracted from this juicer can be stored up to a staggering 72 hours and it still stays fresh.
  • In terms of maintenance, Omega Twin Gear Juicer might require some time to be cleaned up, but as long as we are getting a good yield, all is good.

Additional benefits of Omega Twin Gear Juicer

We already highlighted a few important benefits, which should be enough to catch someone’s attention. However, Omega proudly boasts of a few other pointers that will surely help in convincing a confused, but prospective customer about why they should go for this model.

  1. VERSATILITY: Not only does this juicer stand ideal for fruits and vegetables, but we can also use the juicer for different varieties of sprouts in addition to wheat grass.
  2. HIGH YIELD: Triturating Omega juicer can also be used for frozen desserts, baby food and nut butter. We can also use the juicer to extrude milk out of soy and pasta. Some people have also shared their views on how this juicer works perfectly for grinding coffee.

The aforementioned benefits are enough to decide if the Omega Twin Gear Juicer is right for you, although one needs to be in a right mind to shell out on this product, since it happens to be a highly functional, although a bit pricey asset. However, getting a holistic understanding of how triturating juicers work, might play a greater role in helping you decide on the juicer to buy.

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