The Evolution of Home Gym Training

The Evolution of Home Gym Training

Every year around this time people start to find it is just a little bit harder than they expected to stick to that New Year’s Resolution to get back into shape.  Most people who make this resolution also make a valid attempt to get started but find their motivation starts to fizzle a little after just a few weeks.

Well, if you are among the many that have tried before—and started slip around this time—maybe this year it is time to make a change.  Maybe this year, you invest a little more in your personal health and growth. Sure, you can buy a CrossFit gym membership but going to the gym is not always easy:  maybe the nearest gym is not very close to you; or maybe you really have trouble finding the time; or maybe you don’t have the energy.

Well, why not consider getting a functional training station by Platinum Rig for your home.  This addresses all three of those major obstacles by removing the ongoing cost of a gym membership (or complementing one, if that is your choice), and making it more convenient to get in a quick workout regardless of how time or energy you have.

So why is this a great idea?


A Platinum Rig functional training station offers you variety.  The most efficient exercise will work several muscle groups at the same time, with sustained effort to build stamina. As such, these rigs will offer:

  • monkey bars
  • mounted bars
  • mounted ropes
  • Olympic rings
  • parallel bars
  • pull up bars
  • station dips


Having variety in your regiment is one thing but you also need the flexibility to change up your workouts as your needs require.  Again, the best workouts, these days, will use many muscle groups at once (and in congress) and that means you can be pretty flexible in the way you design your workouts.


Basically, then, you can truly evolve your workouts with one of these home rigs. Not only will it let you bring CrossFit home to you, but you can add more pieces and move them around as your training improves and evolves.

Dallas Bishop

Dallas Bishop

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