Sierra Nevada Cancer Center Talks Cancer Of The Breast: Care, Prevention, Risks

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Sierra Nevada Cancer Center Talks Cancer Of The Breast: Care, Prevention, Risks

The thought of undergoing any cancer treatment can be challenging, and that’s why Dr. Jorge Perez and the team make an effort to offer immediate Advanced Cancer Choose to patients as well as their families.

“Sometimes personally with patients as well as their families and collaborate carefully on disease management,” stated Dr. Perez. ” I would like our patients to conquer their cancer, and i’ll try everything will be able to to assist them to restore their own health.Inch

They takes pride in its personal approach, and SNCC patients end up part of our relatives of cancer players and survivors.

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“We’re here to assist,Inch stated Dr. Perez. “When you are within our care, we would like you to definitely seem like you’ve got a friend — along with a resource that will help hook you up with information, support, ideas or simply an ear to pay attention.Inch

And also the best feedback we are able to hear is the fact that our patients felt supported through the process.

“Personally i think very fortunate the Sierra Nevada Cancer Center continues to be helping me fight my distributing cancer of the breast,” stated SNCC patient and South Lake Tahoe resident Kathy B. “Dr. Perez and the staff are extremely supportive, inspirational, professional and secure. A disease like mine makes existence difficult every single day, but having the ability to communicate and remain centered on my medications helps me stay strong and asked to continue my treatments. Thanks with all of my life blood.Inch

Preventive Steps

Treatment and early recognition is exactly what has provided the countless cancer of the breast survivors their finest chance at beating cancer.

To take down chance of cancer of the breast:

  • Improve your physical activity levels
  • Conserve a healthy weight and diet
  • Decrease the intake of alcohol
  • Engage with your physician about methods to avoid Combined Hormone Substitute Therapy (HRT)


Many factors lead to the chance of developing cancer of the breast — gender, age, genealogy and race included in this.

  • Cancer of the breast occurs nearly 100 occasions more frequently in females compared to men. Men may also be identified as having cancer of the breast, but there is a much better risk developing Cancer Of The Prostate.
  • Two thirds women with invasive cancer are diagnosed once you hit 55.
  • In case your mother, sister, father or child continues to be identified as having cancer of the breast, the chance of you developing cancer of the breast increases, particularly if your relative was diagnosed before 50 years old.

It is a puzzle why, but cancer of the breast is much more common in Caucasian women.


Bear in mind: You simply have total control over some facets of your risks. Sierra Nevada Cancer is here now to assist if you’re diagnosed, with facilities and coverings which will encourage healing inside your fight against cancer.

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