Problems with Erection in Men

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Problems with Erection in Men

At certain moments in a man’s life, he might have trouble getting or keeping an erection. For the majority men, the erectile problem happens rarely, and it’s not a severe issue. But, if you’re incapable of having an erection one-quarter of the time or further, you may experience health problem which necessitates medical attention.

Causes of Erection Problems

The causes of an erectile problem can be psychological, physical or a mixture of both. Physical causes of erectile problems are common in older men. This happens because of malfunction which may influence the blood vessels and nerves liable for causing an erection.

Physical causes of erectile problems:

  •    Treatment for prostate problems
  •    Congenital genitalia problems
  •    Kidney or Liver disease
  •    Substance abuse or Alcoholism
  •    Tobacco usage
  •    Trauma or injury to the spinal cord or genital area

Emotional problems include:

  •    Depression
  •    Relationship conflict
  •    Worry over not being able to get or maintain an erection
  •    Prolonged emotional distress related to social, professional or economic issues

How Erection Problems are diagnosed

To effectively know the cause of man erection problems, your doctor or health care provider may perform tests which include:

  •    Urinalysis, which determine testosterone and protein levels in the urine
  •    Duplex ultrasound, which uses high-frequency sound waves to take pictures of the body’s tissues
  •    Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT), which measures purpose of men’s erection during sleep
  •    Complete blood count (CBC), which is a set of blood tests that check for low red blood cell count
  •    Hormone profile, which measures the levels of sex hormones (Prolactin and testosterone)

Once your doctor knows the basis of your erection problem, they will offer a suitable treatment.

Potential Complications

The complications that come with erection problems are significant and can affect your ways of life. If any man experience erection problems, they may also experience the following:

  •    Shame
  •    Displeasure with sex life
  •    Anxiety or stress
  •    Low self-esteem
  •    Relationship problems

Treatment of Erection Problems

The primary step to cure your erectile problem is to identify your category. You can take medication such as Kamagra which is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. So also, the causes of the erectile problem naturally identify at least one or more stage of the male sexual reaction. It includes relaxation, orgasm, arousal and desire. Once the causes and severity of the malfunction are known erectile problems become simple to cure.  Choices available for treating erection problems may include:

  •    Surgery
  •    Vacuum devices
  •    Lifestyle Changes
  •    Medications injected into the penis
  •    Medication injected into the urethra
  •    Medications taken by mouth

A lot of the physical causes of erection issues are associated with lifestyle choices which include:

  •    Eating a healthy diet
  •    Exercising frequently
  •    Talking with your partner about sexual problems
  •    Stopping tobacco use
  •    Drinking less alcohol
  •    Getting sufficient rest

When Should You Contact Your Doctor?

If you’ve an erection problem which becomes worse, you should contact your doctor. If you experience erectile problem along with stomach pain or lower back pain book an appointment with your doctor. You can also discuss with your doctor if you observe that medicine is causing a problem.

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