Five Elder Abuse Prevention Steps You Can Do Right Now

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Five Elder Abuse Prevention Steps You Can Do Right Now

Elder abuse comes in many forms ;and, many nursing homes are guilty of it. From neglecting the care your loved ones need, to not providing timely medical attention when required, it happens far more frequently than one might assume. But, if you want to learn how to prevent it from happening to your loved one who requires around the clock care and need information about this type of abuse, you can find it here.These are a few ways in which to prevent abuse from happening to your loved ones.

Avoid isolation – 
Whether at home care or nursing home care is required, try to make sure they aren’t isolated. This can result in improper medical care, and in many instances in depression. So choose homes and facilities which provide group activities, functions, and those where your loved ones are going to receive constant care and attention when it is needed. 

Stay in touch – 
Whether you visit a few times a week, call in each night, or otherwise keep in touch, this allows you to find out what is happening in the nursing home. If things are not right or in order, you can learn about it immediately. Further, if abuse is occurring, you can stop it right away, and move to a facility which is going to provide proper care for your loved one. 

Make sure they’re active – 
Don’t choose a home where your family member is stuck in a room all day. Just as they shouldn’t be left alone, they shouldn’t remain inactive. Look for facilities which offer games, group activities, allow them to get out and move around. The more communication they have, and the more active they remain, the greater their chances at thriving for years to come, and remaining healthy and viable when under nursing care. 

Know where you are leaving them – 
Choose a nursing home or at home care professional which is well known. Choose facilities which have great ratings (AAA and other rating services), are highly chosen by others locally (and out of state), and choose facilities which are known for a great reputation. All of this matters, and all of these factors are going to result in the best possible care for your loved ones. 

Know who they are with – 
When choosing a care facility, make sure you interview the staff. All doctors should be available 24/7 if medical care is required. The staff should be medically trained,and there should be medical equipment on site in the event an emergency occurs. Choose facilities which are well kept, clean, and are well known for impeccable care and attention to detail. 

Nursing home and in home care abuse does happen, and it is a problem which has been reported in large numbers in recent years. If your family member requires around the clock care and you can’t provide it at home, there are ways in which you can provide them the best care available. Consider these factors to avoid potential abuse, and to ensure your loved ones are well cared for, and receive the attention they need.

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