Falling Face First: How To Treat Injuries In Bike Accidents

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Falling Face First: How To Treat Injuries In Bike Accidents

Matt Hoffman, The late and great Dave Mirra, Ryan Nyquist, and other X-Games BMX riders all have dazzled us with death defying tricks in the air. Countless crashes and unimaginable falls have been the price to pay for these fantastic and close to impossible tricks.

For the average Joe or the aspiring rider, a bike ride can get the same excitement as watching professional riders in the X-Games. From simple bunny hops to rail grinds, amateurs can try out these tricks. Due to being a novice, crashes will inevitably happen especially to reckless riders.

In the case of such accidents, people should know what to do immediately. People often panic resulting in severe injuries. In this article, we look at practices and actions that can help the average Joe in times of accidents and crashes.




First and foremost, a rider should choose a safe area to practice tricks. Nobody would want to do a perfect tailwhip while seconds later crashing into traffic. Vehicle-bicycle accidents are always almost fatal. Avoid areas with a lot of traffic. Injuries and accidents happen minimally once a place is far from cars and other vehicles.

Calm yourself

If a crash happens, do not immediately stand up because it can potentially cause more damage. A typical scene happening is when riders try to look cool and act as if nothing has happened only to fall seconds later. To be on the safe side, avoid doing anything rash and calm yourself first.

First Aid

Basic first aid is always a priority. Look for areas that might be bleeding and apply pressure directly. For any broken bones, makeshift splints can be of great help. Again, do not attempt to move a person when lying unconscious. Call emergency services immediately.


Ask a person about certain dates and times, and if they answer wrong, it may be possible that they have a concussion. Concussions happen when the brain bounces back and forth inside the skull after a powerful impact. Always watch out for injuries of this type because they could be more dangerous if left untreated.


Although bike rides are fun and thrilling, a bicycle crash is not at all just appealing. Broken bones and a possible concussion caused by accidents should never be a laughing matter. Practicing basic first aid and knowing about concussions can reduce the risks and dangers that come with accidents.

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