Egg Donation: What To Expect

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Egg Donation: What To Expect

Deciding to be a part of a Los Angeles egg donation is a generous and gratifying decision.  It allows an infertile couple to be parents, which is rewarding in itself.  It is important to know what all goes into being a part of an egg donation.  Below, we have outlined some basic steps toward becoming a part of the Los Angeles egg donation.  

First Screening:

Before becoming an egg donor you are required to go through an initial screening.  If you live a far distance from the cycling doctor, this initial screening can be performed at a local clinic.  You will be required to go to the screening on the third day of your menstrual cycle.  Blood work will be drawn to perform hormone tests.  At this time, you may also undergo a transvaginal ultrasound.  If the initial hormone screening comes back as an optimal fit, you will be required to undergo a psychological exam that usually takes about three or four hours.Image result for Egg Donation: What To Expect

Secondary Screening:

Next, if everything comes back optimal after the first screening, you will undergo a second screening with the actual cycling doctor.  The doctor will perform his or her own medical tests and genetic screening at this point.  The doctor will conduct genetic screenings at this time to identify any potential dangerous genic disorders or diseases.  Usually this test takes a day, but occasionally an overnight stay is required.  The doctor will draw more blood work to check for any sexually transmitted diseases, drug/nicotine use, HIV, or hepatitis.  If everything comes back optimal at this point, the legal terms and conditions will follow with a legal contract for egg donation.

Starting the Cycle:

At this point, if everything comes back optimally, you will typically start taking birth control pills to sync your own menstrual cycle with the potential mother.  Next is a series of injections which are injected in either the stomach or the upper thigh.  The duration of each drug changes in accordance with how well you respond to the treatment. The cycling doctor will be able to advise you on how to perform the injections.  First, a drug called Lupron, which must be injected, will begin a short term menopause cycle that will shut down ovulation.  Next, a different injectable medication is used to stimulate the follicles.  This will increase the number of follicles in the ovaries producing eggs.  Lastly, you will inject a third drug called HCG to stimulate ovulation.


Once the eggs are mature enough to remove you will go see the doctor to retrieve the eggs.  The process usually takes about 20 or 30 minutes and is performed under light sedation.  The retrieval of the eggs is performed vaginally with a tiny needle that is guided by ultrasound.  Recovery after the procedure is usually about 2 hours.  For the retrieval procedure, you must have someone take you to and from the hospital due to the light sedation.  

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