Earplugs for Meditation and Sleep

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Earplugs for Meditation and Sleep

When you are trying to meditate or sleep, you need silence so that you can relax. Meditation is the process of slowing down, being mindful of your current state, and trying to unburden your mind of many different situations. However, that’s not possible to do if there is too much noise around you. If you live by yourself or just have your home all to yourself for a while, you can find some peace and quiet fairly easily; it may not be quite so easy if you live near a highway, but it is possible. However, most people don’t live alone. If you have a noisy household or you’re trying to meditate or sleep somewhere that is not your home, you will have to manufacture some silence.

Manufacturing Silence

To manufacture silence, you need to find the best earplugs that you can find for meditation or sleep. There are typically two kinds of earplugs: plastic and foam. Plastic earplugs are a non-starter. They work fairly well for blocking noise at a concert or a shooting range, but they are not very comfortable. Also, they tend not to conform very well to the shape of your ear. That means they can easily fall out, especially if you are moving around in your sleep or while meditating. Foam earplugs aren’t very effective either. They tend to expand to conform to the wearer’s ear, but the cheap ones don’t conform well. They will fall out of your ear or will be too light to block any noise, because oftentimes, the lightweight foam just isn’t dense enough to block out sound. You need quality earplugs such as ZenPlugs. These plugs are great because they are unique.

How They Work

The way to properly mold these earplugs is simple. They are made of a mutable foam that has a plastic backer. The plastic backer does the majority of the noise blocking, and will prevent the earplug from being pushed too far into your ear canal. So, you should look for earplugs that you soften in warm water. Once they are softened in warm water, they can be molded to fit your ear canal. Since they are able to be molded, they will block noise more efficiently than other types of earplugs.

The importance of earplugs for sleeping and meditating cannot be understated. If your partner snores or your neighbour has a noisy boiler, it might be disrupting your sleep without you even realising it. Your sleep can be disrupted without your knowing, because the disruptions might not wake you up fully. Instead of waking up fully, you might have your sleep disrupted and simply move into a different cycle of sleep. This could cause your sleep to be less restful, meaning you would wake up feeling less rested. The same is true of meditation. If you are trying to meditate but are constantly being disrupted, it could be harmful to your mindfulness practice. A good pair of earplugs can solve both of those problems without much hassle. They just need to be molded to the shape of your ear so they can effectively block sound.

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