Dallas Weight Loss Surgery Options

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Dallas Weight Loss Surgery Options

 When it comes to losing weight, a surgery is usually the last resort. However, it does not make the decision easy. Why? Well, there is a vast of Dallas weight loss surgery options. When making your choice, you have to take into account all important factors such as your health habits, risks involved, and overall lifestyle.

Weight loss surgery includes different types of procedures. The main goal is to significantly reduce the size of the stomach using a gastric band. Sometimes a portion of the stomach is removed. Another way is to re-route the small intestines to the small stomach pouch.

Common type of weight loss surgery

  • Restrictive surgery

 The purpose of this surgery is to shrink the size of the stomach thereby slowing the digestion process. If your stomach is small, you will less likely to feel hungry. Aside from shrinking the size of the stomach, this type of surgery can also remove or bypass a portion of your digestive tract. When this happens, it will be difficult for your body to absorb calories. You have to be aware though that any surgeries involving the intestines may have untoward side effects. Before the surgeon opts for this type of procedure, a thorough analysis of your condition should be made. The pros and cons of the procedure will be thoroughly considered.

  • Electrical device implant

 This is a new weight loss technique. What it does is it interrupts the nerve signals between the brain and the stomach. It will lessen your food cravings.

  • Adjustable Gastric Banding

 Gastric banding falls under the restrictive weight loss category. In this type of procedure, the surgeon squeezes the stomach using an inflatable band. The stomach will be divided in two sections: a small upper pouch and a large lower section. A small channel connects the two sections thereby slowing down the emptying of the upper section.

As you can see, there are plenty of Dallas weight loss surgery options. Feel free to contact an experienced weight loss surgeon for more details.

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