Cannabis Tampons for Helping Period Pain

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Cannabis Tampons for Helping Period Pain

Research into cannabis has continued apace with the relaxation of medicinal marijuana laws across most states of the USA. This means new products are being released which incorporate cannabis as part of their design. One new product to enter the market are cannabis tampons. While this does sound pretty gimmicky, there is anecdotal evidence that the tampons can have a positive effect on pains that women may experience when suffering from their period.

The cannabis tampons have been developed by the renowned cannabis innovators Foria, who have been involved in launching a wide range of other cannabis products. The company has focused on releasing a tampon product that is able to help reduce pain that women may experience, without producing the “high” often associated with the use of cannabis.

The cannabis tamponshave not yet gained the elusive seal of approval from the US Food and Drug Administration or been tested in reliable and scientific clinical trials. But, from users who have used the cannabis tampons, there has been widespread praise for the product, with many saying it helped them with their lower back pain. A particularly interesting reviewing said that her cramps stopped within twenty minutes of using the tampons.

One user said that they suffered from endometriosis that came back after she had a hysterectomy. When she had flare ups, aswell as the excruciating pain she experienced as a result, it made her appear pregnant. It is thought this was due to inflammation of the liver. She commented that by using the cannabis tampons, she was able to gain relief from her symptoms, thus vastly improving her quality of life.

The cost of the tampons seem to vary, but a pack of four tampons sells for around $44. You may be able to look for a dispensary near you using the dispensaries near me tool on Your local dispensary may be able to stock such a product.

Cannabis has long been associated with having a positive effect on counteracting period pain, so it is hoped that the products will become more widely available.

The company who make the product say that they intend to offer the cannabis tampon on a long term basis, in order to help women across the US to attain period pain relief using some of the most modern techniques to ensure it is safe to use. The manufacturers also stated that the cannabis tampons and existing tampons can in fact be used at the same time. All you need to is insert the cannabis tampon, leave it for quarter of an hour, then use a regular tampon.

It is thought that the walls of the vagina are able to take on the cannabis by absorbing it, which is then taken directly into the blood stream. The cannabinoids found in the cannabis are able to affect the nerves in the ovaries and uterus by blocking out pain, and by acting as a muscle relaxant. At present, the cannabis tampons are only available in Colorado and California, but it is hoped that they will be available across the US in the near future.

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