Acupuncture: Traditional braches for improving overall health

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Acupuncture: Traditional braches for improving overall health

Acupuncture is one of the branches of traditional Chinese medicine. It is founded on the restoration of the harmonious circulation of energy in the body. A good flow of energy would result in balance and good health. Conversely, an energy imbalance could lead to illness. The acupuncturist uses needles to influence the Yin and Yang, which symbolize the two opposite parts of the same phenomenon from the meridians that design the pathways of vital energy. The meridians allow the Yin and Yang to be fed and harmonized and the balance between the different parts of the human body maintained.

Some acupuncture points are located on nerve pathways, others on blood or lymph pathways, and others on specific dermal or bone pathways. The acupuncture needles are, for the most part, made of stainless steel. Very thin (0.22 mm), their length differs depending on the disease or the areas to be treated. Currently, there is no risk of contamination because acupuncturists use disposable needles or a set of needles for the same patient. The placement of the needle is well tolerated and is most often completely painless. Visit  to find out the treatment of Acupuncture.


For thousands of years in the East, acupuncture is used to maintain and improve the health of all. It no longer has to prove itself but in a modern world one can now demonstrate its effectiveness. You can consult the official list which shows the diseases, symptoms and conditions for which acupuncture proved to be an effective treatment in controlled clinical research.

Here are the reasons for the most frequent consultations:

  1. For acute or chronic musculoskeletal pain and disorders such as arthritis, rheumatism, sciatica, sprain, tension, muscle spasms, fibromyalgia, bursitis, epicondylitis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, neuralgia, Lenoir’s spine, etc, go for acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture has an indisputable vasodilating and antispasmodic effect, it increases cortisol and it has an analgesic action that is created by increasing the levels of endorphins, serotonin and adenosine.
  2. To boost your immune system: help is available if you have asthma, sinusitis, flu, bronchitis, allergies, eczema, psoriasis,  shingles, urticarial, acupuncture is used. By stimulating the production of gammaglobulins, favoring an improvement of the anti-infectious processes and a serotonergic effect, alleviating allergies.
  3. For female and male problems related to hormonal imbalances as well as menopause and andropause, to help fertility, pregnancy and childbirth this can be used.   Acupuncture helps to restore the hormonal balance, to improve the flow of vital and blood energy. It can, in some cases, lower the level of FSH and help to regularize the menstrual cycle as well as produce good quality ovulation.
  4. To calm and energize; So if you suffer from fatigue, insomnia, burn-out, stress, depression, anxiety, migraine and digestive problems, this method can offer some relief. The relaxing effect of acupuncture is caused by a decrease in sympathetic activity by serotonin secretion.
  5. For your beauty and well-being, to reduce wrinkles, cellulite and help in detoxification, cigarettes, this method is used. Acupuncture is and has never been a simple belief. Thanks to medical advances and their multiple scientific results, the effect of acupuncture can now be explained by the action of several biological systems, namely the nervous, hormonal, vascular and immune systems.

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