A Guide to Hiring Live-In Care

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A Guide to Hiring Live-In Care

More people throughout East Sussex and beyond are seeing the benefits of live-in care services. Previously, anyone seeking the services of a professional care worker for an elderly parent or family member were limited, such as an assisted living facility.

Live-in care is rightfully viewed as a much more appealing form of care work, with a dedicated professional living with the patient to make their life that bit easier. Not only does this offer the benefit of remaining at home and enjoying a more independent form of care, but also receiving bespoke care plans around the specific needs of the individual.

Furthermore, live-in care can be used on a short-term basis or indefinitely, whether it’s for help when recovering from an operation or as long-term care for an ongoing illness, so it’s certainly worth consideration for many.

Interested in hiring the services of a live-in care worker? Check out the guide below for advice for finding and hiring the best option:

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Establish the type of care your relative requires

Live-in care is very varied with many types of services available. Therefore, the first thing to do is to consider what type of care your relative requires. For instance, do they require a high level of personal care, including assistance with washing, dressing, medication?

They may require something less specialised, such as help with domestic chores like housekeeping, cooking, cleaning, and things like shopping. For others, companionship and assistance with social activities (e.g. trip to the library, bingo, going for lunch etc.) is desired.

Most live-care services are very flexible and designed around each patient, but knowing what care services you require most will allow you to determine suitable candidates more easily. Always make sure the person that needs care is involved in this process if possible.

Research local live-in care agencies that offer services you need

Once you know type of care is needed, it’s time to check out some local agencies. East Sussex has many fantastic home care agencies so finding a few potential candidates shouldn’t be too difficult.

Research each one you are thinking about hiring. There are many online resources that allow you to review home care companies, such as ratings from the Care Quality Commission or memberships to professional bodies such as the Live-In Care Hub.

Contact the remaining candidates to arrange a meeting

Once narrowing down your choices, it’s always a good idea to contact the live-in care agency to arrange a meeting. This offers the chance to further establish the individual’s needs and which services will best accommodate this.

Also, use this time to ask any questions you have regarding their services. This is a good opportunity to inquire about carer qualifications and experience, what schedules they can work etc. The agency will want to know more about the type of care and any specific requirements regarding the patient, as it allows them to provide a suitable carer that is qualified to meet these needs.

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